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About us


Water is an essential and irreplaceable finite resource. As a result of its ever-increasing demand and the unrestrained global demographic growth, water resource management has become crucial in the phases of both supplying and disposal.

STAC Srl provides experienced know-how and cutting-edge products for the ecological and economic management of water resources.

Founded in 1974 for the production and trade of electric pumps and accessories, today STAC Srl is present in more than 35 countries worldwide through stable and consolidated partnerships, providing innovative solutions and creating value for its customers and for the water sector. Thanks to its regular supply of high-standard cost-effective products and its passionate and competent management, STAC Srl has been consolidating a much respected position internationally.

The current sales program consists of:

1. Surface centrifugal pumps of various powers and performance in cast iron and in stainless steel
2. Electric submersible pumps for clean water drainage and sewage in cast iron and stainless steel.
3. Pumps and electric pumps for 3" - 4" - 5" - 6" - 8" deep wells in different materials.
4. Special pumps (swimming pools, food industry pools, solar pumps)
5. Accessories (electric motors, control panels, inverters, pressure switches, pressure tanks, accessories for pump installations).

The Company is ISO 9001:2015 certified.