The company

STAC s.r.l. since 1974 produces and supplies various types of water pumps and relative accessories. Thanks to the continuous offer of quality products at reasonable price and thanks to its passionate and competent Management, the Company has reached a quite important position at international level. Today STAC s.r.l. is exporting in 37 Countries in all the continents and it’s still growing up.

The actual sales program may be summarized as follows:

  1. Surface electric centrifugal pumps of various powers and performances made in cast iron and in stainless steel

  2. Submerged electric water pumps for light and heavy sewages made in cast iron, stainless steel and in plastic materials

  3. Pumps and monoblock electric pumps for deep wells of 3” – 4” – 5” – 6” – 8” with polycarbonate / plastic, with stainless steel and with brass impellers

  4. Accessories:

    1. Electric surface IEC motors – submersible motors at NEMA standards (Franklin, Coverco, Sumoto, Tesla/Grundfos) – various electrical devices (pressure switches, pressure regulators, floating switches, inverters, capacitors, various control panels and so on)

    2. Accessories for the installation of submersible pumps (eclectic cables, thermic and chemical connection kits, stainless steel cables, control boxes)

    3. Electric air

    4. compressors on tanks with accessories like painting guns, tyres inflating guns, washing guns, sand blasting guns and similar

    5. Special pumps (liquid ring pumps for foods, swimming pool pumps, pumps with antixplosion motors etc.)